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Why Should the devil have all the good tunes?

September 27, 2023

Why Should the devil have all the good tunes?

In all we have considered about John Wesley and George Whitefield’s great work of field-preaching it is necessary to consider the contribution of Mr. CHARLES WESLEY.   Charles is the younger brother of John’s and worked side-by-side his brother John in the revival sweeping The United Kingdom. His contribution to the revival was in both preaching and composing hymns that articulated experiences and beliefs of an awakened people to God's work in their lives..

It is alleged that Charles’ brother John quipped, “why should the devil have all the best tunes?”  This quip seems to have made the rounds from Martin Luther, William Booth, Roland Hill and others.  But this quip embodies the spirit of those involved in revival work as they sought to have hymns that reflected the wonderful work of revival. Why not have wonderful songs for God's wonderful work.

The truth is that CHARLES WESLEY wrote some 6,000 poems in his lifetime that have become much loved hymns by Christians all over the world. And Charles’ hymns did connected to some great tunes.