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Jesus in Focus

Watch this message from Pastor Cliff Sanders to be reminded who Jesus is and why it’s so important to see him clearly.

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Learn about Wesleyan history and the life of John Wesley.

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A Study of Hebrews

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The Optimism of Grace

The Optimism of Grace

Dr. Cliff Sanders

Dr. Cliff Sanders puts together a concise review of Christian teaching that challenges misconceptions and highlights core Wesleyan teachings. This attention to, and optimism of, grace is exactly the perspective John Wesley’s theology has as he seeks to understand and experience The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this book one will be exposed to Wesley’s vibrant optimism as to what grace can accomplish in one’s life and how one may be transformed and live optimistically as a recipient of God’s manifold grace. In these pages one will recognize the optimism of God’s grace as both Pardon and Power.