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Small Group Life

February 27, 2024

Spiritual Growth In Community

As referenced last week Wesley understood the living out of the Christian Life in terms of community or a fellowship. This fellowship of other believers took on the form of what might be called small groups.

But one ought to give some attention to the kind of small groups that were organized "out" of the Society. These small groups were designed to help people "unburden" their souls by confession and receive prayer from others. A high level of sharing and care was understood as "watching over one another in love."

An insight into the life of bands was the confidentiality that people were to hold about what was shared in the group. Older Methodist would at times use a phrase in conversation by saying "this is in band." In other words, something that is being shared is not to be shared with others.

Reflection: Do you have a group of trusted friends with whom you can unburden you soul?