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Thinking About Perfection and Holiness

April 25, 2024

In the last blog I suggested that the word "perfect" is certainly present in many of the pages of the New Testament. This term is often associated with the teaching of Holiness in Wesley's sermons and writings. In fact, Wesley's position is that there is a perfection in holiness for God's children.

Wesley knew that the word "holy" (qodesh--Hebrew; hagios--Greek) meant different, unique, set apart from and to. He also knew that the Hebrew for the opposite of "holy" (chol) was common.

Isn't that interesting. This helps to understand that "holy" has to do with some unique quality or being "set apart" from what is common or usual. This might give some insight as to how bowls, temples, clothing for priests, etc. were considered "holy." This is because they were not common or for general use but set apart from common use to particular uses. This is a basic understanding of the term and how our minds should begin to think about Perfect//Perfection.

Reflect: How would your thoughts about holy change if you knew that its opposite is "Common?" What are the Scriptures "calling us" to be separated to? Is it just some behavior or is it to someone?