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Needing Both

December 6, 2023

Dec 6, 2023

John Wesley’s preaching to the masses and his commitment to help those awakened by The Gospel to grown in maturity created a dual approach to ministry.  One might use the terms evangelism and discipleship to identify this approach to ministry and it would be accurate.  Wesley’s approach included both features whereas many of the preachers of the evangelical revival focused only on evangelism.

With Wesley’s marvelous organizational abilities he engaged in joining those awakened to their need of The Gospel in Kingswood and the surrounding area of Bristol. This joining other together in groups for Christian growth and support. With numbers of people growing this called for some place to meet and carry on this work.

Wesley sets out to build the first building in what would become the 1st building in what would be known as Methodism.  This new building was  built in the center of Bristol.  Upon completion the building was called “The New Room. The building served many purposes because John encouraged the religious society members to offer food and clothing to the poor, run a school for children, arrange visits to the nearby prison, and help the sick by running a free medical dispensary.


—Do you see a need for both evangelism and discipleship in your ministry practices?

—What specific ways are you involved in both evangelism and discipleship?