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Music and Ministry of The Wesley’s

March 21, 2024

As much as John’s preaching in the fields and the organizing of awakened people into small groups was critical to the revival efforts, music played a significant role. It is obvious that hymns were sung in meetings of those awakened and growing in Christ and became a significant part of worship and training.

It is also clear as one reads the journal of John Wesley and see the importance placed on hymns that are part of his (and many others) personal religious practices. Wesley records that he spent time in study of Scripture and then read a hymn.

Upon close observation it is clear that the hymns of Charles and John reveal the theology and practice of the people called Methodist. This is why the Wesley’s published a collection of Psalms and Hymns that went through several editions. People were able to learn and sing their theology and practice.

Reflection: Have you given any thought about how the songs you sing at your church or small group are accurate distillations of your beliefs? How would your singing be impacted if you give thought as to how your singing is declaring your theology and practice?