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May 24th and A Heart Strangley Warmed

May 29, 2024

May 24 is the day in 1738 that John Wesley's life was changed. Up to this point Wesley, would write later that he had believed that one would only be justified by God if one was sanctified in their behavior. Wesley's Anglican training had actually reversed the Order of Salvation and was part of his training.

Wesley's life was a winding trail in an attempt to come to some level of assurance about being accepted by God. It is without doubt that John Wesley lived a life of discipline, service and sacrifice. His journal's reveal his intense efforts in these areas but to no avail in giving a sense of acceptance with God.

But all this changed on May 24, 1739. The change occurred at about 8:45 pm while attending a small group meeting he admitted later that he did not want to attend. But while in that meeting he heard someone read Martin Luther's preface to the book of Romans and something happened. Wesley records (again in his journal) that he felt his heart strongly warmed. He, for the first time had an assurance that Christ died for him. His life was changed forever by God's grace.

REFLECT: How you struggled with a sense of God's acceptance of you? Have you relied on your own efforts or the efforts and work of Jesus? I encourage you to reflect on Romans 5:1-11 and see if your heart is "strangely warmed."