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Holiness and Normal

May 9, 2024

One might be "hard-pressed" to think about holiness as normal because sin is actually thought to be normal. I will grant you that sin is certainly frequent but will state that I do not think sin is normal.

This confusion of frequent and normal can be seen at times in weather reports. A weather person will say, "the normal temperature for today is." But do you ever notice that that is rarely the temperature. That is because what they are really saying is that the average temperature for the day is. The weather person is confusing average with normal.

Do human beings, on average, sin frequently? Certainly. Does this feature of frequency mean sin is normal?

Normal, illustrated from the medical field, is a concept of how an organism should function for vitality and health. Normal is how cells should function for this vitality and health. But we know that some cells do not "behave" normally and cause dis-ease and a failure of the organism to be vital and healthy. So, normal function would create vitality and health.

Reflection: How is your thinking here? Is sin normal (creating health and vitality), or is Holiness normal?

We will continue to discus this important distinction in future blogs