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Following Up After Conversion

November 27, 2023

Following Up On The Converted: November 27, 2023

Wesley was an effective field-preacher.  His efforts brought many to an understanding of saving faith in Jesus Christ.  But Wesley was not satisfied to simply bring people to a saving faith; Wesley was concerned that people who were “born again” were helped to grow up in their faith.

This concern for the newly saved affected Wesley’s mind to think of ways to encourage growth in godliness.  His organizational abilities were well placed to set up groups for this growth

England was filled with groups called “societies” to advance some cause of Christianity or English Culture.  There was the Society for the Promoting Christian Knowledge, Society for The Reformation of Manners, Society for the Propogation of The Gospel, etc.

So it is no wonder that Wesley set up “societies” for people to grown in their faith.  These societies were highly structured with rules and methods to be followed.  Some suggest that these societies and group life are why there is a Methodist church in the world and Whitefield’s preaching alone never created a society of followers.


What methods or ways do you practice in a communal setting that contribute to your growth in Christ?

How might you make a change in this matter to be involved in some communal setting for growth?