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An Ever Expanding Ministry

February 6, 2024

Bristol and its environs was a center of Wesley's expansive ministry and the location of the 1st building for The People Called Methodist. The 1st building was given the name: The New Room. It was a place built to expand and conserve the results of field preaching by giving a place for the Wesley's and early Methodist preachers to live and conduct small group meetings as well as other ministries.

Other ministries from this 1st building included a base for running a school for the poor, providing food and clothes to the needy, for offering free medical care to the sick. and helping those in the nearby prison. The building was nothing more than a means to expand ministry (and it still stands to this day and is in use).

Wesley clearly saw The Gospel as addressing religious practices (preaching, small groups, etc.) and practical needs of people. His ministry expanded because he recognized the needs of people and his heart inflamed by the love of God caused him to act and organize action.

Reflection: Many of the ministries we see in churches today are direct descendants to Wesley's approach and organization. How can you support with time or funds these activities at your church or other organization?