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Decision and Direction of Salvation

January 15, 2024

John Wesley and all other historic, orthodox Christians understand Salvation in 2 aspects.

Salvation is surely a decision to believe the truth of The Gospel. One does not just "fall into" salvation. The decision to believe has to do with an understanding of a need to be forgiven of specific, personal rebellion against God. This is a personal decision to be sure.

But Salvation is also a Direction. This Direction is that one has decided (decision) to follow Jesus. This feature of Salvation as Direction seems to have less importance in some traditions. For instance, if one is asked if they are saved a usual response will be about a decision one made in the past and not about the direction of one's life to follow Jesus.

The Decision and Direction view of Salvation is a critical truth that appears to warrant some personal attention for us all.


1-How much of your/my understanding of Salvation is limited to a Decision?

2--What evidence is there of you/me following Jesus now?