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Working Together Despite Differences

August 24, 2023

Whitefield and Wesley’s work in field preaching and organizing those awakened brought about great results in Bristol.  There was so much growth that Whitefield and Wesley experienced resistance from other Anglican priests.  The thought was that Whitefield and Wesley was infringing on the parish of these local priests.  Wesley’s response was that he had been ordained as a Fellow of a College (Oxford, Lincoln College) and his ordination was not restricted to a specific parish but to any part of the Church of England.  This is what precipitated his famous statement that “I look upon all the world as my parish.”

George Whitefield’s work in Bristol was coming to a temporary close because he was about to embark on a preaching campaign in America.  Even though Whitefield and Wesley had theological disagreements over the doctrine of election  which at times were very straight forward in their opposition to the ideas.  However they worked together wonderfully in proclaiming the glad tidings of salvation.

It is generally thought that Whitefield called upon Wesley to take over the work in Bristol because of Wesley’s preaching and organizational skills.  And that is exactly what occurred.  Wesley preaches in the fields but gives attention to organizing groups that would help facilitate growth.  It was not enough for Whitefield and Wesley to have people born again; people must also be helped to grow once born.


Are you able to cooperate with other Christians, in the work of evangelism, with whom you may have disagreements? Can you agree to disagree and thereby work with others?