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April 2--A Day to Remember

April 2, 2024

April 2 (today) is the date in 1739 when John Wesley began preaching in the open air. This kind of preaching was called "field preaching" and was a practice of some notable leaders in the revival sweeping The United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland).

Most notable among those preaching in the fields was George Whitefield whose preaching and ministry reached what was to be The United States. He asked John Wesley to join him in Bristol and its surrounding areas to preach in the fields

Wesley was reluctant to preach in the open air, as he records in his journal, because he thought it improper. But at Whitefileld's insistence and Wesley reading of Jesus' Sermon On The Mount he concluded that it would be proper to preach in the open air.

When Wesley relented and began preaching to the crowds that showed up it was clear to him that this was a way to declare the Gospel. Records reveal crowds of several thousand gathered in the fields to hear Wesley.

On this day (April 2) in 2023 the School of Wesley Studies website was launched. It was our way to preach the Gospel and the truths of Wesleyan Theology in "the field of the Internet.

REFLECT--How are you and I involved in reaching others in "the fields."