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About Dr. Cliff Sanders

Director, School of Wesleyan Studies
It was my privilege to be born and reared in a Church of God (Anderson, IN) pastor’s home, where I learned the importance of teaching others how to study the Bible & to better understand God’s Word. Thus, it became my passion to pursue this calling. My own journey in pursuit of the Truth of God’s Word introduced me to John Wesley and Wesleyan Theology.

I graduated from Gulf-Coast Bible College, now known as Mid-America Christian University, with a BA in Bible and Theology, and went on to earn my Masters of Divinity degree with an emphasis in Inductive Bible Study (M.Div.: 1988) and Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.: 2000) degrees from Asbury Theological Seminary.

I have been married to Becky Alexander Sanders for 43 great years.  She is both loved and respected by me and everyone who knows her. 

I am an ordained minister in the Church of God (Anderson, IN) for 42 years (as of 2022).  My ministry experience has involved being a pastor of churches in Texas and Louisiana prior to teaching at Mid-America Christian University since 1992.  I served at that university for 29.5 years in The School of Ministry teaching classes and as Chairperson of The School of Ministry.

Having recently retired from Mid-America Christian University, it was my privilege to join the pastoral staff team @ Crossings Community Church as The Founder of The School of Wesleyan Studies.  My role is to provide theological training for the pastoral staff at our church and to develop curriculum and materials about The Distinctive features of Wesleyan Theology for The School of Wesleyan Studies.  These materials are being created for all interested groups or individuals.

It would be my privilege to work with you or your staff to consider the place of Wesleyan Theology in one’s spiritual life and ministry practices.