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God's Work For Us and In Us

April 11, 2024

Wesley's work in the revival was to help people understand and experience the whole work of God. This work was more than just being forgiven, it included a transformed life. This transformation was understood in two dimensions: justification by faith and sanctification by faith.

It was Wesley's view that much of the Christian world stopped at this experience of justification or what God has done FOR us. He believed in a more "lively faith," a fullness of faith, that also included a transformed life: what God has done IN us.

This "IN us work" was to transform our hearts affections and cleanse our motives 'to love The Lord your God with all our heart, soul, and mind...and your neighbor (Matt. 22:37-39.' Wesley called this work IN us, "Perfect Love." This is a love that rules all the heart and intentions is what God does IN us. Although a controversial doctrine Wesley maintained his belief that God does this IN us by The Holy Spirit's work and brings us to a life of Perfect (full) love.

Reflection: Have you and I stopped at what God has done FOR us? How can you identify what God has done IN you in terms of your intentions and affections?